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    Filemaker JDBC and Encryption



      Filemaker JDBC and Encryption

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           Hi all, got a question for the masses.

           I am trying to decide if i need to add an SSL layer (probbaly via stunnel) to my JDBC connections from a middleware server i have to my FMA 12 server (not on the same network). I need ot be absolutley sure the data is protected at all times.

           Now i have put wireshark on a test machine and sniffed the JDBC connection and it all looks like non SSL encrypted garbage to me, So i wanted to see if that is what is actually happening. I know the JDBC driver does not support SSL but does it encrypt the content in transit? or is what i see as garbage actually just broken out Hex crap that can easily be deciphered?

           I suppose i can always just buold the stunnel as an extra safety net, but i would really like to know the answer regardless. I would hope they encrypt it since they dont allow SSL natively.

           Any help is appreciated....