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FileMaker ODBC Problems

Question asked by GassanIdriss on May 26, 2011
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FileMaker ODBC Problems

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A client of mine that I have made a script that syncs ebay orders with a local filemaker database via PHP and ODBC. It all works fine, but sometimes we run into a weird problem. At least once a day now (after running fine through out the day) PHP PDO  starts to throw an error stating:

[FileMaker][FileMaker] Communication link failure

If I test the ODBC connection outside of PHP at this point in Windows ODBC Manager it does not find the server. This is all run on the same local machine.

Windows logs do not report anything and the only way to resolve it is to restart the machine.

We thought upgrading to the latest FileMaker 11 Server and ODBC Drivers would help resolve the issue but it does not.

It use to not do this, and would run for months with no problems.

Anyone have any similar issues with a resolution?