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FileMaker PHP API Record ID Problem

Question asked by DanHulton on Aug 10, 2010
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FileMaker PHP API Record ID Problem

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I'm building a list of records, and adding the record ID with the following code:

$entry['recordID'] = $record->getRecordId();

But the recordID returned seems to be one off from what is actually in FileMaker.

For example, I build a list of classrooms, and add their recordID in a link to edit the students within, like:


Then on edit_students.php, I try to load the students in with:

$cmd = $this->fm->newFindCommand('students');

$cmd->addFindCriterion('classroom__STUDENT::__kp_ID', $classroom_id);

Every time I do this, it loads the classroom with $classroom_id + 1.

Any ideas?