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FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server

Question asked by JordanWillis on Jan 5, 2015
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FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server

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Hi everyone, 

I'm new to FMP and just wanted to get clarification from the documentation about what software I need. The lab I just joined had used a filemaker 7 on some very old computer that was extremely outdated. It broke down and we bought a new computer. I was reading about instant web publishing and thought that probably would suit the labs needs. We are a smaller group and just host a few databases for inventory. 

We bought a computer, I connected the static IP, and also purchased FileMaker Pro Server 13. It seems from reading the documentation in retrospect, I also need FileMaker Pro to manage and upload the databases. My goal is very simple. I want to host FileMaker over the web and have anyone in my lab be able to login in from their location. However, the old databases need to be uploaded to the server. 

After I start the filemaker server and go the domain that is connected to FMS, it just is a splash screen telling me that this is a server instance. Where are all the database links? Did I get the wrong thing? How can I achieve my modest goal.