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    Filemaker pro client disconnect from database



      Filemaker pro client disconnect from database

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           Dear All,

           We have Filemaker pro 13 Advance Server running in Mac 10.9.1. We have one datebase hosted on that server. About 15 people are accessing (using filemaker pro 13) it from LAN (local network) only two people are accessing it from WAN (outside office). The database keeps closing after a while, even some time while we are adding records or typing to update a record database cols. After disconnecting we are loosing our last data entered. In the log file it is " Client xxxx IP xxx no longer responding, connection closed (51).

           On the client machine we get the following message ( Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will be closed.).



           Any help please?


           Thanks in advance.


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               This is typical of having problems with your network. Almost any network can have random, but very rare disconnects, but if they are occurring frequently, I'd have a technician check your network for problems. If your computers are wired to the network instead of using WiFi, it could be as simple as a bad Network Interface Card or a bad patch cord connecting the computer to the LAN.

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                 Dear PhilModjunk,

                 Thanks for reply. I checked the network. All are ok no problem. I put the server setting on Energy save "hard disk never go to sleep" and the client the same " hard disk never go to sleep". but still the database keeps closing. when we create a new entry or change a record after closing the connection we lose the data.




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                   Welcome to the world of endless frustration that FileMaker Server is.  Failed connections are a feature of this product.  At least with FMS 13 we escaped the Java console plague, but that's about it.  And don't get me started on ODBC just yet.

                   Get this: it is way more reliable AND FAST to connect to your server with VNC or other remote desktop client controlling a client on the server than it is natively with a local FMP accessing the remote database.

                   Go figure.