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FileMaker Pro Software Suggestion

Question asked by vanngogh on Apr 26, 2010


FileMaker Pro Software Suggestion

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I'm helping a unit out with a DB project that is already using FMP.  They would ideally like to setup their database so their customers can access

and view their own information over the web along with extremely limited editing ability (like changing one or two fields like a chart string number.)

Only a couple of these fields would need to be exported to a different system for billing purposes and would need to be in CSV format.


They are using FMP 8.5 and have FMP Server 9,  but aren't really utilizing that software yet.  If I need to upgrade the FMP software, that shouldn't

be a problem.  The clients won't have FMP so am I correct in assuming I'd need the following:


FileMaker Pro Advanced  (to allow the customers access to view and edit their component of the DB over the web)


* Ideally I'd like the clients to authenticate via Active Directory, but not a requirement for the initial transition. This looks like it would

require Server for this capability.


* I don't anticipate more than 5 people trying to connect at one time, but would be good to have room for growth.

Is Server Advanced worth it for the Instant Web Publishing office as opposed to the custom PHP option in Server standard?


Any feedback on this you have would be appreciated.