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Filemaker Remote login

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Apr 27, 2012


Filemaker Remote login

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Last month i suceed to install fms 11 in to my windows 7 pc.

Story :

i have home dynamic ip, what i did  i open the DMZ port in to my machine ip address

Then i use to no ip incase if my ip changes (but it did not). and i was able to access this database from outside of my network.
My IIS server aslo working . i coded myphp files which was linked with database  which is hosted on fms11 inside my pc

i use to type my outside ip which i got it from ( and then it was working.i was able to see all the records without any prblems


MY problem 

latter i  had to format the pc ,(because of famus virus). after i install my ip got changed. then what i did , i check the router again , my DMZ port is corect , then i check my pc ip, that is fine too,fms works fine , i can access database from fmp app local install. 

I canot access it from out side ?

As i know (because of my isp ) if i open the DMZ host means i open all the ports . So i do not have to open  other ports.

Why i canot connect from out side to this  database ? (which was working before) 


Any help , comments appricieated .