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FileMaker script not doing what it is supposed to on Server 10 ...

Question asked by Heine_1 on Jan 11, 2011
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FileMaker script not doing what it is supposed to on Server 10 ...

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But it works just fine in Client/Advanced 10!!!!

Hi all!

I have run into a strange situation, and maybe you can help me out.

I have a data mining script working to collect data from various tables. Though I have identical setups working perfectly in other solutions, I am not able to make it bend right in my current project:

1) I have a project registration file with some tables in it which each have their own TO's

2) I have an 'external' data source, also a FileMaker file that has it's own TO, this one in italic writing, and this file also lives on the same server as the project reg. files.

Each table from which I collect data has its own layout starting with "search_" that way I can easily find the layouts from which I need to collect datta.

My script will look for all layouts beginning with "search_" and it does find them all, no problem.

If I have Client or Advanced 10 execute the script to collect data (all files are opened remotely from FileMaker Server 10), no problem, it will loop through all the layouts, and all the fields on each layout and do what I ask for it to do!

My problem: if I execute the script from Server Admin Console on my server, the script WILL NOT got to the layout containing the data from the only external data source, it simply skips that layout but does not report a problem.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar?

Thanks in advance