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FileMaker Server + File Upload Failed

Question asked by KatrinaRolfe_1 on Sep 18, 2014


FileMaker Server + File Upload Failed

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Hi everyone,

I have been using FileMaker for three months. FileMaker is new to me and I have had to learn everything from scratch, using a combination of trial and error, online training videos and this forum.

This week, my company purchased FileMaker Server 13 and 5 concurrent connections. I downloaded the software and installed it, both withouts issues. Now I am ready to upload my FileMaker database and I am having no luck.

I don't pretend to understand a lot about the Server, but I just followed the basic File>Sharing>Upload to FileMaker Server or clicking on the Upload button on the toolbar method. Everything seemed to be going fine, I chose the IP Address, chose the Database file that I wanted to upload and whilst it does start uploading, after about 5 minutes, it stops with the "File Upload Failed" message.

I have FileMaker Pro 12 installed on my Mac OSX Mavericks. When installing the Server I chose a Single Machine installation, but only because I really did not understand fully the difference between single and multi. Again, a lot of this is really over my head so perhaps I have not installed it in the best way. I am working solely off my mac at the moment for everything FileMaker related, but the idea is that the rest of the company can connect to the database, once it's on the server, via WebDirect.

I know this information may not be enough to go on, but if anyone can shed any light on why a database will not upload to a brand new server, that would be appreciated. If you need any additional information, please let me know.