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Filemaker Server - Newcomer Question

Question asked by ArturoIacobelli on Oct 9, 2014
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Filemaker Server - Newcomer Question

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Hello All,

Background: I started using Filemaker Pro about 3 weeks ago and have become well versed in it. I have programmed in many languages before but I am new to PHP. I have built a good database, now I want to do a Custom PHP Publishing on Filemaker Server. I have installed the Filemaker Server successfully and everything works. I uploaded my database accordingly and set the preferences to allow PHP access on the file before uploading. I can access the database.

Questions: My problem is now where do I start with PHP Custom Publishing? I wanted to follow the tutorial they have in the examples folder, but it says I have to bring that tutorial to my Web Server Root Directory folder. That's another thing, what is my Web Server Root Directory folder? And in order to access the database via Custom PHP Publishing, where do I put the PHP files once I have created them to utilize them? All prior servers I have set up in my programming career have been on Linux environments, so it was much more straight forward lol. I am currently on a Windows 8.1.