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Filemaker Server 10 and Apache on Server 2003

Question asked by V on Jul 16, 2009
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Filemaker Server 10 and Apache on Server 2003

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Good morning all,


I'm trying to get Filemaker Server 10 running on MS Server 2003 with Apache, but when attemtping to configure the configuration wizard to use Apache, it only shows a selection for IIS.  Since there is a drop down menu to allow another possibility for a web server, I have to conclude that there is a choice.


I've done some research, and it looks like it will run with Apache on Mac, and FMS9 will run with Apache and Server 2003 with only minor tweaking, so what needs to be done to get FMS10 to play nicely with Apache?


To take things an even longer step, are there any plans to port Filemaker Server to GNU/Linux?


Thanks much,

- V