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FileMaker Server 10 Cannot Install

Question asked by fareynolds on Dec 14, 2012


FileMaker Server 10 Cannot Install

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     We are running FileMaker Server 10 on a Mac Mini Sever (OS X Server 10.6). The first hard drive malfunctioned so I loaded FileMaker of an iMac (OS X 10.6.8) to keep our databases on the Web. 

     I have put the OS X Server 10.6 on the second hard drive of the Mac Mini Sever, but I cannot load FileMaker Server 10 on it.  The CD starts to open the installation software then it just quits, the error message is:

     The application FileMaker Server quit unexpectedly.

     The following it in the console.log:

     Dec 14 09:29:04 Graphics-3000 crashdump[235]: FileMaker Server 10 crashed

     Dec 14 09:29:05 Graphics-3000 crashdump[235]: crash report written to: /Users/FrankA/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/FileMaker Server 10.crash.lo

     Should I quit FileMaker Server 10 of the iMac offline before trying to install it on the Mac Mini?