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    Filemaker Server 10 Deployment Issue



      Filemaker Server 10 Deployment Issue

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      Hi ,

      I have installed filemaker server 10 on a windows 2003 server standard edition service pack 2.

      When I go into the start menu > filemaker server start page it goes to the console start page then I get an error Deployment: The database server is not available. To edit server deploymbut I can not get into the server console to set up any user preferences.

      I have restarted the server and all the services are started but still gets the same error.

      This is an upgrade from filemaker server 8 to 10.

      So I first uninstalled server 8 before installing 10.

      I also updated the java the server was running from version 6 Update 7 to java 6 Update 11

      Does any one have an ideas I can try?

      ent, please start the database server first.

      I can open the files from a work station

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          Thank you for your post.


          Were there any problems installing FileMaker Server 10?  I'm asking because your description makes it sound like FileMaker Server 10 wasn't installed successfully.


          Uninstall FileMaker Server 10, and we'll start at the beginning.


          Restart the Server and make sure there are no other applications running, no virus detection software, and no activation of screen savers.  Also turn off any indexing service.  Also, make sure you are using a static IP address.


          Once you have a plain system, install FileMaker Server 10.  Make sure every is successfully installed, and then start eh Deployment assistant.  If everything goes as planned, go to:


          Start -> Programs -> FileMaker Server > FMS 10 Start Page


          Follow this through completely, and let me know if an error is reached, where it occurs, and what is the exact wording.  This should help narrow down the possibilities.



          FileMaker, Inc.