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Filemaker Server 10 reinstall cannot open Admin Console

Question asked by V on Aug 13, 2009
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Filemaker Server 10 reinstall cannot open Admin Console

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Good morning all,


I had to do a reinstall of FMS10A. 

After the initial uninstall, the FileMaker Admin Console would not start, the "Admin Console Start Page" simply kept reloading in the browser and the Admin Console from Start -> Programs -> Filemaker Server -> FMS10-<servername> gives the error "The admin console cannot establish a connection to the admin server."

Thinking perhaps I had not done a full uninstall, I did *another* uninstall, and also removed the FileMaker Server directory and subdirectories, to be sure of a clean reinstall.

After a successful install (as stated by eventvwr), the same event occurred.  In the browser, the admin console start 'run once' page just keeps reloading and the admin console FMS10-<servername> returns the same error.


What should my next step be?