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Filemaker Server 11 - XML Custom Web Publishing - Cannot Authenticate

Question asked by DavidRamage on Jul 28, 2014
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Filemaker Server 11 - XML Custom Web Publishing - Cannot Authenticate

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     I have inherited a Filemaker Server 11 installation (it came with a new job).  I want to use the XML custom web publishing feature to build some custom applications, but no username/password combination is accepted.  If no credentials are given, an HTTP 401 is returned.

     Filemaker Server is running on Windows Server 2008.  It is pointed at Active Directory for authentication.  Users are able to connect to the server with Filemaker Pro without any problems, and Instant Web Publishing also works with the same username and password that I try to use for custom web publishing.  The "fmxml" permission has been applied to the databases, and users have been given rights to it.

     The only thing which really stands out as far as logs are concerned shows up under the Windows security log in event viewer.  There is an "Unkown user name or bad password" event that shows up for a username other than the one trying to authenticate.  The sysadmin responsible for the box has told me that it is an AD trust account and appears to be in good working order (I'm not a Windows person).

     I'm sure something is just set up wrong, but I'm not sure what.  Any suggestions?