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Filemaker server 11 => Reinstall PHP

Question asked by bosch_bastiaan on Dec 14, 2011


Filemaker server 11 => Reinstall PHP

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I have a problem using Filemaker Server + PHP  ( Running on MacOSX Server 10.6.8 )

did ALL the steps in "troubleshooting your site"

The PHP Publishing is enabled in the Web Publishing Engine, Filemaker server said PHP running OK.

However http://<server>:16000/test keeps on giving ERROR 7.


After reviewing  Server Admin => Web => Modules , it seems PHP is not installed ??

activated PHP5 module through Terminal window => libexec/apache2/ (by remoning fmi...) still does not work.


Where in Filemaker Server can I find the option to reinstall PHP ?  and/or Upgrade PhP to the latest version ?

OR do I need to de-install Filemaker server, and reinstall completely as new ?