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Filemaker server 11 adv Crashing

Question asked by truji_ on Oct 18, 2011
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Filemaker server 11 adv Crashing

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I've searched all over the place but I have not been succesful at identifying/fixing my issue.

I have  FMP 11 Adv server running on a Intel Xeon 2.13Ghz with 12GB ram on Win Server 2008 R2 64 bit


I have 3 hosted FMP files. All users connect from IWP. From time to time, the server hangs/crashes - about two times per day, mostly on 'peak' hours. The server has not crashed on weekends.

While the problem seems to be for only 1 of the databases, IWP will not respond. The browser spins and spins. However,  having FMP 11 Adv open, I can switch to the other 2 databases but I cannot switch to the one with the problem.

I have tested all my scripts both in IWP and FMP but none of them go into an infinite loop or make the system crash.

When I open the Admin console, the Elapsed time call is in the millions. I tried disconnecting some users and while it seems that by disconnecting some of the users the browser stops spinning and 'opens' up the 'select a database', the databases won't load after entering user/password.The only solutions are to restart the pc or to stop web publishing/server.

I use some external scripts (remote scripter from 360 works)

I did  a 'recover' on the file. Data is fine but I got Structure: scanned; 4 item(s) modified. How critical is this error?

I looked at the error logs but they don't offer much of a help except errors 802 (unable to open file) when the system goes down.

Please advice.


Thank you,