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FileMaker Server 11 and Custom Web Publishing

Question asked by oakhamschool on Nov 4, 2010


FileMaker Server 11 and Custom Web Publishing

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I've developed a site in FileMaker and PHP using the API for PHP. I've optimized my layouts so I am querying only the fields I need, however the response from my php pages are shockingly slow. Im talking on average about 40 seconds to perform a simple query.Checking the FileMaker console, it seems the WPC client is averaging 103xxxx elapsed time. These queries are basic, nothing really fancy....

Interestingly I have enabled IWP on the same file and done some searches on the database - very similar queries that my php scripts perform and they are very very quick. Again FileMakers Server console records the WPC client connecting and responding very quickly.

Is there anything in the Server which would be causing this bottleneck?I would have thought the php was quicker, but im wondering if there is something on the server I can set to share the resources between php and iwp as im assuming iwp has the bulk of the resources set to it as it runs so fast.

Any advice would be appreciated,trying to figure out why php is running slow.

P.S I am using Windows Server 2008 R2, 8GB of ram and I think its a quad core processor - so the hardware spec is more than adequate for FileMaker Server Advanced 11v2.