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    FileMaker Server 11 coffee cup....



      FileMaker Server 11 coffee cup....

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      Hi all,

      Since installing FileMaker server 11 on some new hardware way above the FileMaker spec (quad processors 8Gigs ram etc), we get the coffee cup when accessing various databases (and not responding screen on other times - after having to wait a couple of minutes it sorts itself out)

      We had much slower hardware running FileMaker Sever Advanced 9, and we never encountered the speed dip we are encountering now. The hardware in this server is significantly faster than the last one we had, the OS we used is the same (Win Server 2008rc2) and the databases are the same. What is it that could be slowing this thing down....


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          One thing you might check if you haven't already are any external data source references if you have more than one FileMaker file in your system. If a data source lists several paths to an external data source, you may get a delay while FileMaker works down the list until it gets a valid reference. Invalid references to an IP address cause major delays before FileMaker decides the IP address isn't working and tries the next reference in the list.

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            Hi Phil,

            Cant reply to your post; weird ..... had to reply back to mine.

            Yes we cleaned out the File references when we moved from Server 6 to 8, and we've not had any issues with speed with Server 8,8.5, 9 and even 10 briefly on our second server. Server 11v2 just seems to run like a dog, even though we have very fast hardware compared to the specs FM requests. I've increased the cache to maximum to see if that would help, removed fetaures we fdont need, xml, xslt so its optimised as much as I know....

            I'll check references again, is there any other thing I need to check enable on the server to get the thing running again smoothly, almost wish we hadn't upgraded!

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              While you may have already cleaned up the references during past upgrades, what I am speculating on here is that moving the files to a new server may have resulted in an invalid reference due to a different dsn or IP address. It's a bit of a longshot, but if it turns out to be the case, it's a cheap, quick fix.

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                You created a scheduled backup and checked the backup verification which you should do only during night (while nobody access it)

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                  Did you get a resolution to this, we have a similar problem.

                  Upgraded our hosting platform to a much higher 8 processor, tonnes of ram, 15k spin disks. And every now and then it just pauses. Everyone in the server stats client tab says remote calls 0 in progress 1 elapsed time roughly one million.

                  Sits for anywhere between 1-30 seconds, then off it goes again. Running on 64bit win 2008 server. Was fine until we rolled out FM server 11, although I think the problem became much worse when we upgraded all the clients to FM11 from 8.5. As we had server 11 setup and running first and all was OK - but as we rolled out the clients (about 130 of them) it just got worse and worse.


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                    Hi Dave,

                    Not really, ive deleted all the dodgy file references but its still slow. Theres a couple of references in our system which are to local drives (they're my colleagues references so I have not deleted them as of yet - wish I could comment them out so Ive still got them but they're disabled). I can confirm this has only become a problem since installing FileMaker Server 11, as we've been using Pro 11 since the start of September, and it was not producing the coffee cup with Server 9. Thing is, with our new installation of Server 11, we've also got a 64bit Win 2008 as well as new fast hardware - so just dont know whats causing the bottleneck when it wasnt there before with the same filesUndecided.


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                      Hi Jalz, perhaps this is an issue with FMS11 FM11 and Windows server 2008 (64 bit) - I have diagnosed our system to death and cannot find a reason.

                      Would love a chat on the phone, as I have cured one really odd thing that caused a huge delay everytime it ran - deleting records appears to be the biggest issue. 


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                        Oh I PM'd you my email address, not sure if youd get an email about it.


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                          How did this ended? We are living the same issue and it's worst since we updated our server to

                          Windows server 2008 r2 64bits

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                            Hi, I have spent a considerable amount of time on this and also spoken directly with some people 'behind' the scenes at FM. The way global fields are processed is very different in FM11 to FM8. Not sure what version it changed in the middle as we skipped from 8 to 11.

                            There appears to be a single thread on the server service that processes global fields when involved in calculations, record locking - or basically anything that uses them. This can create massive delays if multiple users are trying to process global fields in a heavy way.

                            We had some relationships that had filtering based on global fields, this was setup before the native filtering options appeared in FM. These where one of a few areas that FM11 crippled our system.

                            We have rewritten various areas, but still have an issue with record locking. This is done by using a global field, and cannot be altered. Well it can - you can use a global variable, but dont get me started on that as that throws up a completely new bug in FM11 (basically record locking using a global variable does not work)

                            Hope some of that helps you or anyone else. I can safely say though - it is not windows server 2008 or the 64 bit nature.