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Filemaker Server 11 in Win 2012 R2 environment

Question asked by BTimm on Mar 4, 2014
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Filemaker Server 11 in Win 2012 R2 environment

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     We are in the interim stages of a general IT update. The server OS's were updated in production as first stage, and we reinstalled FM 11 Server and clients.  Server to 2012 RT and Clients to Win 8. 

     We are in the process of converting to FM v13 for server and clients. However, during this interim production period, it appears our server performance has declined as result of the OS change.  Are there known conflicts with running v11 on 2012 RT or is it simply not supported or addressed?  

     There are no functional conflicts. The issue is more related to increased I/O times when we have multiple clients and one client running a long task with index updating. We're seeing more of a user impact than we used to see before the OS change.

     We anticipate much of this will be resolved with the launch of v13 server (which will be in very robust OS), but still have to manage production environment for the interim. Any insights appreciated.