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Filemaker Server 11 kicking me off

Question asked by ijontichy on Mar 31, 2010
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Filemaker Server 11 kicking me off

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Recently purchased FMS Server 11 and installed it on a MacPro running OS X Server.    Previously, my database was hosted on a mac mini (FMS 10).


Now, when I log in to a single database, I'm fine.  But if I try to log into a 2nd database hosted on the same server, I get kicked off (too many users have this license--not true.)


Any suggestions?   Any configuration I should change on the server?


I will add that I recently restored my laptop (on which I use FMP10) from a time machine backup--could this be making the server think that I have a new install of an existing serial number?    Somehow I cannot think that this is the case.


Thank you in advance for any help---this forum has been great to me in the past.