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FileMaker Server 11 php v.slow

Question asked by oakhamschool on Sep 24, 2010
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FileMaker Server 11 php v.slow

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Hi Guys,

After much delibration, we decided to upgrade our FileMaker Server A 9 installation to the now FileMaker Server A 11. We run a multitude of things like ODBC, IWP, PHP etc on this server. I've tested IWP on this setup and that seems really quick as expected like our FMSA 9 installation. I've tried the PHP installation and that works, but it is dead slow to do any requests on the server. Is there something I can do within my settings to speed the thing up.....

We're using FileMaker Server Advanced on a Windows Server 2008 box using IIS - so we're within FileMakers minimum spec - although I know the servers got good spec. Is there something I can do in IIS to share the speed between lightening fast IWP and slowwwww CWP.