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    FileMaker Server 11 setup - Web Help!



      FileMaker Server 11 setup - Web Help!

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      Hi, I have a brand new Mac with 10.6 Server installed, I installed FileMaker Pro 11 Server on it (not advanced)...  and then it guides you through the setup... it then asks about web serving, No matter what options I tick at this point it advises it cannot reach the webserver... Is there something I am missing... there is not much in the manual about this... I can browse to the webserver on the this mac - it goes to the OSX default web page... eg Wikis, Blogs, ... on this OSX server... Does this work out of the box, or do I need to do something before it will come to life? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

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          X-server's default webhosting is located in Library/Webserver. In there you will see a folder labeled 'Sites'. That is where your default Site is. When you add sites in the PHP assistant, save your site to that folder with a new folder name. In your FMP Server admin, set your site to a diffrent port # and root your webaddress to that folder with the port #.

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            Or possibly you just need to turn on the personal web sharing in the system preferences... we had the same problem :)

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              Thanks for your reply... I think my problem is further back than this... how do I set up PHP on an brand new OSX10.6.4 Snow Leopard Server? New to all this and I think this is what FM11 Server needs first... I'm not sure if this is the angle?

              If I install FM Server 11 directly on top of a brand new install of OSX10.64 Server - it cannot connect to the server. What do I need to to do to generic OSX Server so it will work when I install FM Server 11 and perform web publishing with FM server?

              I have not worked with PHP before, so I am assuming that FM Server 11 creates PHP and works with OSX Server to publish it? Is my thinking correct?  Still lost!