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    FileMaker Server 12 Script Bails without any error



      FileMaker Server 12 Script Bails without any error

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           Hoping someone might have some insight on this. I have a FM Server script that is bailing without any error. I have put email scripts on key parts of the script with last error, and some other info. It works until it gets the the IF statement and apparently exits. I put email steps in each part of the If Else If Else chains so I can know what it is executing. None of those are running. I get Last Error after a Perform Find of 0 and the records found of 3501, which is expected, but nothing else happens. 
           The interesting thing is that after a few changed in the scrip a few days ago I finally had the change to test when no one was on the system. It worked only for 207 records and it should have processed 3708 records. Now when I run the exact same script it does find the 3501 and does nothing else. It's like it's bailing.
           Anyone have anything similar happen?