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Filemaker Server Error code :-1

Question asked by RaguPathiG on Apr 22, 2013
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Filemaker Server Error code :-1

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          Hi i just update the Patchs 12v1 to 12v4 after that WPE not started how to restart manually or how to solve this below of the error code

          HI i found that in my log file error code

          Deployment started at 16/4/13 5:06 PM


          Deployment started at 17/4/13 12:24 PM


          Stop web server                                             succeeded
          Create app fmi-test                                         succeeded
          Restart web server                                          succeeded
          Start default web site                                      succeeded
          Update WPE deployment configuration                         succeeded
Test web server ( succeeded




          Step 1: Unconfigure Web Publishing Engine (WPE):
          Update WPE deployment configuration                         succeeded
          Step 2: Unconfigure web server:
          Update WPE deployment configuration                         succeeded




          Step 3: Save settings:
          Save administrative configuration settings                  succeeded
          Step 4: Configure Database server (DBS):
          Set WPE Authorization Info                                  succeeded
          Set XDBC AutoStart to no                                    succeeded
          Update XDBC deployment configuration                        succeeded
          Update WPE deployment configuration                         succeeded
          Step 5: Configure AdminServer:
          Save WPE deployment settings                                succeeded
          Save web server deployment settings                         succeeded
          Save DBS deployment settings                                succeeded
          Restart WPE                                                Stopping the WPE(wpe1) component failed: error code = -1
          Reindex log files                                           succeeded


Deployment completed at 17/4/13 12:25 PM


          how to clear this error can any one help me in this case