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FileMaker Server 13 - Admin Console Won't Load

Question asked by jpiper on Jun 4, 2015
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FileMaker Server 13 - Admin Console Won't Load

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We've run into an issue with our FileMaker Server 13 Admin Console not loading.

- Server is running on Windows 7
- Attempting to load on the server itself (local)
- Using latest version of Chrome & Java

I have always used: https://localhost:16000/ to load the admin console. When attempting to do the same task today (haven't connected to admin in a few weeks) I'm not getting anywhere. Here's my process:

- Fresh Reboot, FileMaker server loads up and client machines / GO clients CAN connect
- I attempt to connect to admin by opening Chrome and entering: https://localhost:16000/
- After pressing enter I get my typical "Your connection is not private" page. This is normal since we never got a certificate issued. So I click advanced and choose to proceed.
- After pressing proceed, the admin console landing page would usually show. Now I'm getting a blank page... 100% blank.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.