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    Filemaker Server 13 - WebDirect



      Filemaker Server 13 - WebDirect

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           I can access my database via the browser on the host computer but when I use the same url on a browser not connected to the network I can't. Everything seems to be set up okay just not too sure what I'm missing.

           Any ideas?


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          Markus Schneider

               'not connected to the network' - You can't use WD without beeing connected (I guess, You don't mean that You're not connected..)

               -> for more information about connecting: FM13 WebDirect guide, page 28/29 (Charpter 4)

               (manuals available under downloads on the FMI website)

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                 Hi Marcus,

                 The problem I have is that I've opened up Port 5003 on our router using my Network IP address of When I test to see if Port 5003 is open using this IP address it comes back with an message saying it isn't. If I use my Macs IP address of it says it's open. 

                 My Filemaker Server is set to

                 If I enter in my browser on the Mac in my office that's running FilemakerServer I can see the database. If I then use my Mac at home and type in I get nothing. So I thought about entering as this is the IP address that is open on my router but the same thing - nothing.



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              Markus Schneider

                   5003 is the port for fmnet, not webd

                   webd runs over port 80 (if not https). Is there a portforwarding on the router?


                   here is a link with some details: