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Filemaker Server 13 and MacOs 10.10.2

Question asked by khalex on Jan 28, 2015
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Filemaker Server 13 and MacOs 10.10.2

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Today came update 10.10.2. After you install this update all databases on my server went into a state of "Closed". This can be changed only reinstall FMS. The base is operational only until the next reboot of the server. Databases do not start with the following error:

Another copy of FileMaker Server (Banka []) is already running with this license. This copy of FileMaker Server will not open any databases, but will allow updating the license key in the Admin Console.

Re-enter the license allows you to run the database, but after the next reboot the server to do it again and again.

This is a problem I have encountered in the past, but the decision was here. With the release 10.10.2 it stopped working :(

How to solve this problem?

Thank U