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FileMaker Server 13 Firewall Ports

Question asked by LarryGoldman on Feb 17, 2014
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FileMaker Server 13 Firewall Ports

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     The document lists the ports that FileMaker Server 13 uses.

     On a generic Mac OS X 10.9.1/FMS 13.0.1 machine, using IceFloor to control the pf firewall, I open all the ports listed, but still FMS13 fails to start after reboot. In the Console, there is a message:


          FileMaker Database Server quitting! Network initialization error. (EventLogWriter missing)

     Furthermore, after this error occurs, the FMS13 installation is damaged and will no longer run (Web Server indicator in Admin page is grey), even after the firewall is removed.

     Anyone else see this problem?

     Besides the ports listed in the document, what other Firewall Ports need to be opened to allow FMS13 to run?