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Filemaker Server 13 Web Publishing Engine Shuts Down

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on Jul 5, 2014


Filemaker Server 13 Web Publishing Engine Shuts Down

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     I recently upgrade from Filemaker Server 11 to Filemaker Server 13 and noticed that my server side scripts keep aborting due to the Web Publishing Engine shutting down. The message I receive is "Schedule "Morning Tasks" aborted; FileMaker scripts can't be run because FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) process is stopped. Use the command "fmsadmin start fmse" to start the FMSE process."

     I have to go into my mac mini server and manually type in fmsadmin start fmse in the terminal to get the Script Engine back up, doing this every 2 hours is definitely unacceptable.

     I currently tried to update it with the latest Filemaker 12 hotfix, which was supposed to eliminate the Error 701 problem but it still does not work.

     We are currently using the Mac Mini ( Mavericks) 2Ghz Core i7 Processor and 8 GB of Ram.

     Please note that I did not have any problems running the same 2 server side scripts in Filemaker 11 Server until the upgrade. The scripts due work on the Filemaker 13 Server but the Filemaker Script Engine keeps shutting down with the 701 error.


     Please help ASAP?