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    filemaker server 13 web-server and OS X web server confusion/setup



      filemaker server 13 web-server and OS X web server confusion/setup

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           Hi forum,

           I have just installed FMServer 13. During the installation FM disabled my OSX web-server (running OS X Server 10.8.5). SInce I'm hosting a web-page with OS X web-server, I understandably would like to activate my web-server again.

           I had no luck with it. I disable the FM Web-Server completely but I'm still getting the filemaker web-page when growing to my server address.

           Could please someone explain how to:

           1, setup FMServer AND having the OS X web-server running at the same time (for hosting webpages)

           2, setup FM Server AND FM web-server (for Webdirect) AND OS X web-server

           I can't believe that I can only have FM web-server running without hosting my own web-pages.

           Thanks A LOT!!


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               I posted a similar question here:


               I, too, find it odd that this *has* to run over port 80/443 -- and can't be set to run via a specific URL like Instant Web Publishing was on OSX Server:



               I usually direct users to the default OSX web site to change their server passwords if necessary (Windows users in particular).    Installing FMS 13 kills that ability -- especially considering it turns "Websites" to "off" in Server.app


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                 Yes, I saw your post and had high hopes to find a solution there.

                 My web-sites are back online (by turning off FM webserver) but I - of course - lost any of the web-publishing, Webdirect features of FM. That can't be the solution filemaker had in mind. Especially - as you have mentioned - it worked in the past.

                 I can't access the admin-console from a remote machine anymore either. It only works trough "localhost:16000" on the local machine, which IS a problem.

                 Eagerly awaiting help...


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                   Considering FMS 13 was just released this week, I'm not expecting *immediate* help on this issue -- but hopefully somebody will chime in on what the intentions really are here and that the expectations can't be "set up another server" or "dig into all the Apache man pages"...

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                     I was hoping there would be a solution here as well, but looking at the documentation, I do not think there will ever be a "Fix" for this, as this is the intended behavior according to the documentation.   Personally I think there should be a way to configure FMS13 and Server.app to work together.  I do not think we will be updating anytime soon.... 

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                       I'm afraid so, but this would disqualify FM as a server solution if it doesn't play nice with other server apps. As a workaround, I'd be happy to host my web sites through FM web-server instead of the OS X webserver. I copied my pages into the FM folder that stores it's pages. Didn't work. My pages wouldn't show up.

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                         Thank you for the posts.


                         Since I have not experienced this during my in house testing, I would like to gather some information.


                         Please reply with the full system specifications of all machines used for the FileMaker Server and the steps taken during and after the install process to reproduce and any other information you might think relevant.


                         Does this only occur if a custom website already existed prior to the installation?



                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                           For me...

                           I started with a 10.8.5 server running FMSA 12 that also had an instance of ResourceSpace installed (http://www.resourcespace.org) that comes up when I go to https://<hostname> *or* http://<hostname> (http is redirected to the https site).  NOTE:  this particular server is not using the stock OSX Server web site.    However, https://<hostname>/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html *did also work*.

                           I upgraded this a while ago to Mac OSX 10.9 (knowing that IWP would break doing this, but since this is a test server, that is OK.)

                           I then *uninstalled* FMSA 12 and installed FMS 13 -- which prompted me that hosts on ports 80 and 443 would be turned disabled.

                           The installation of FMS 13 turned "Websites" in Server.app *off*.   At that point, WebDirect worked (but, as you would think, ResourceSpace did not as https://<hostname> now redirects to the WebDirect engine.

                           *Rebooted* the 10.9 server.  This turns "Websites" back on in Server.app.   Breaking the WebDirect engine (but "ResourceSpace" comes back up.)

                           Turned "Websites" (off -- like the FMS 13 installation does -- I've uninstalled and reinstalled FMS 13 twice now) -- and now *no sites* work (the expected WebDirect site never comes up).   Turning "Websites" back on -- makes ResourceSpace come back up, though (as expected.)


                           I'll be happy to send you any configuration files if you'd like.   





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                             Thank you for the response as that helped my understanding of the issue being reported.




                             Both a custom web publishing site and FileMaker Web Direct may be used on Mac OS X 10.8.5 (Server) as long as FileMaker Server's Web Publishing Engine is handling both.


                             From our FileMaker Server 13 Custom Web Publishing with PHP help guide:


                             "About the Web Publishing Engine


                             To support FileMaker WebDirect and Custom Web Publishing, FileMaker Server uses a set of software components called the FileMaker Server Web Publishing Engine. The Web Publishing Engine handles interactions between a web user’s browser, your web server, and FileMaker Server."


                             By placing your custom web site outside of the realm of the FileMaker Server Web Publishing Engine, you have severed FileMaker Server's access to the webpage. 


                             FileMaker 13 WebDirect Guide states:


                             "Custom Web Publishing: To integrate your FileMaker database with a custom website, use the Custom Web Publishing technologies. See FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing with XML."


                             In other words, you can have both a custom web site and a WebDirect site as long as FileMaker Server 13's Web Publishing Engine is handling the publishing of both.


                             More information can be found in the FileMaker Server 13 Custom Web Publishing Guide with PHP help guide:


                             "How the Web Publishing Engine works with PHP solutions


                             FileMaker Server is composed of three components: a web server, the Web Publishing Engine, and the Database Server. (These components may be deployed on one machine or two machines. See FileMaker Server Getting Started Guide for information.) FileMaker Server hosts the PHP solution when you place the PHP files on the web server where the PHP engine is installed.


                             • When a web user opens a PHP solution, the web server routes the request to the PHP engine, which processes the PHP code.

                             • If the PHP code contains calls to the FileMaker API for PHP, those calls are interpreted and sent as requests to the Web Publishing Engine.

                             • The Web Publishing Engine requests data from databases that are hosted on the Database Server.

                             • The Database Server sends the requested data to the Web Publishing Engine.
                             • The Web Publishing Engine sends the data to the PHP engine on the web server in response

                             to the API call.
                             • The PHP solution processes the data, and displays it for the web user."


                             So, if your custom web site is taking advantage of FileMaker's API, then copy or move your site directory structure and files to the following folder on the web server.


                             • For IIS (Windows) through HTTP or HTTPS:

                             [drive]:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\HTTPServer\Conf where [drive] is the drive on which the Web Publishing Engine component of your FileMaker server deployment resides.


                             • For Apache (OS X) through HTTP: 

                             /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs


                             • For Apache (OS X) through HTTPS:
                             /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/httpsRoot


                             Please let me know if any of the above information needs further clarification.



                             FileMaker, Inc.

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                               What you have posted talks about *10.8.5 Server* -- what about 10.9 Server?


                               And, your explanation does not address what I'm seeing as happening here:  When I restart my server with "WebSites" in Server.app being *off* that the WebDirect system is not working.  If I go to https://<hostname> *after installing FMS13 -- I can eventually get to the WebDirect site.


                               After restarting my server with "Websites" turned off -- I only now get this:


                               Websites are turned off.

                               An administrator can turn them on using the Server application.


                               So, to clarify under 10.9 Server what happens:

                               Websites on prior to installing FMS 13.  

                               FMS 13 installer reports that sites on port 80 and 443 will be disabled.   Installer finishes configuring -- *Only* WebDirect is chosen as a web option (as when I set up FMSA 12, I *only* chose IWP.   "Websites" in Server.app is turned *off*.   WebDirect site works with sample file (after about 10 minutes)

                               Restart server.  "Websites" is turned back on in Server.app.  (!)

                               Turn "Websites" off -- WebDirect site *never comes back up*.



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                                 First look at page 72 of the FMS13 installation documentation.

                                 System: Mac Mini (just purchased last week) 2.3 Ghz Core i7 16GB Ram running OSX 10.9 with server.app 3.0 installed. 

                                 Configuration: Server.app has the following services activated:

                                 Open Directory (master)

                                 File Sharing





                                 Profile Manager



                                 Even in reading the before you begin on the installer confirms that the intended install is for a standalone machine, however, that is really not an option in my environment.  Traditionally I have always used the same server for FMS as my OSX Server.  My setup is small, I have 50 users 30 computers and only 10 FileMaker clients. 

                                 so going through the install process...

                                 Read before you begin, Accept License Agreement, Enter key, Message pops up to install FileMaker Server, ports 80 and 443 must be available, to following ports are in use 80, 443.  to disable the websites click disable websites.  So I click disable websites and the installation continues... 

                                 Disabling websites works and allows the install to finish.  The problem is that now FileMaker forces it's own instance of apache to be used and it appears there is no way to configure FMS to use the OSX server.app apache instance.  Previously in FMS12 I could use the Server.app apache and create a website for filemaker and point it to the FileMaker web directory.  And use dns to get the clients to the correct web site. 

                                 Installing FMS13 on a Mac with Server.app breaks websites, wiki, and profilemanager. 

                                 It appears FMS13 requires its own instance of apache to install. 

                                 Unfortunately there is no way to change how server.app works.  The only solution is to install FMS13 on a stand alone machine.

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                                   So, let’s clarify the problem here as I just replicated this:


                                   Say, I’m an admin who uses OS Server and doesn’t want to think a lot about Apache and has used FMSA 12 to host some FM databases via Instant Web Publishing (with all it’s flaws) for years along with all the *stock* OSX Server web pages/services


                                   10.9 clean OS install.


                                   Install 10.9 Server.app


                                   Only turn on “Websites” in Server.app (PHP not enabled)


                                   If I go to https://<hostname>, I get the expected page:


                                   Welcome to OS X Server

                                   OS X Server makes it easier than ever for the people in your organization to collaborate, communicate, and share information.



                                   So, I now have a functioning “server” with the default 10.9 server webpage available at the server hostname.  Windows users could change their account passwords by going to this site.



                                   I now install FMS 13.   The installer only allows me to “disable Websites” to continue the installation.  So I do that.  Installer (interestingly enough), installs the outdated Java 7 Update 25 (as this was a clean OS install, so it had no Java 7 install…)


                                   Installer finishes.   Webpage comes up with the admin console


                                   For Web Publishing — because I’m coming from using just IWP, I disable XML and PHP as I wasn’t using them before for anything, so why install them now?


                                   “web server test was successful”.


                                   I can confirm this at this point as:


                                   https://<hostname> now goes to:


                              FileMaker Database Server Website


                                   All Deployment Results are “successful” and I “Finish” the install.


                                   And after about 10 minutes (it really *does* take a while for this to kick in) — I can go to:




                                   and the sample database comes up as the only database to select




                                   1)  How do I now get back to the stock OSX Server page?  I need to have my users be able to access that?  I’m not an Apache expert here.




                                   I restart my 10.9 server machine (which takes a while longer than it used to now…)


                                   After restart, I open “Server.app”.    Websites is off on this test after restart (so, sure, maybe ResourceSpace is kicking something off that FMS 13 disagrees with).


                                   Regardless of that — how do I get back to my stock OSX Server page?


                                   Even if I copy what was in /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/Default and I paste it to a newly created subfolder in:

                                   /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/OSXfiles


                                   Then what?


                                   How do my users access that site?  What would be the URL I'd need to change to?












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                                     Thank you for the reply.


                                     I made no mention of Mavericks 10.9 Server as that is not a tested operating system for FileMaker Server 13.




                                     "Operating System*

                                     Windows 8 Pro (64-bit)

                                     Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition (64-bit)

                                     Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit)

                                     Windows 7 Professional Edition SP1 (64-bit)

                                     OS X Mavericks v10.9.x (64-bit)

                                     OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mountain Lion Server v10.8.5 (64-bit)


                                     *Version stated is the minimum requirement. FileMaker Server may also work with later operating systems certified by FileMaker, Inc. Operating systems not listed in the table above have not been tested and are not supported."


                                     "Regardless of that — how do I get back to my stock OSX Server page?"


                                     As stated previously, FileMaker Server 13 uses its own web publishing engine in conjunction with Apache. If the goal is to host a web site using the server.app, independent of FileMaker Server's Web Publishing Engine, then that will need to be a different computer.  




                                     Thank you for the reply.


                                     I've responded to your similar posting here:


                                FMS13 Cannot be Installed on mac with server.app



                                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                                       Oh come now -- you should still be able to answer my question about what the URL would be for *relocated stock OSX Server web pages* if you require us to do this.


                                       10.8.5 *Server* -- like 10.9 Server - has the same default stock web site created by "Server.app" in /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/Default.


                                       If I was to install FMS 13 on my 10.8.5 server, I would have the exact same question:   If I move those default OSX Server web pages to /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/OSXfiles -- then what URL would I use to access those pages?



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                                         I do not think it is possible to move the Server.app Stock websites....

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