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FileMaker Server 7 ODBC Issues

Question asked by rboone on Jun 24, 2010
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FileMaker Server 7 ODBC Issues

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My setup:

FileMaker Server 7 

Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server Service Pack 2 (version 5.2)


Goal: Connect via ODBC to client database.


I understand that I need FileMaker Server advanced in order to have ODBC connection capabilities. 


Issue #1: Can't upgrade because of limited funds.  My client is a non-profit organization that can't afford an upgrade to the latest version of FileMaker Server Advanced.  I also understand FileMaker Server 7 Advanced is no longer supported, so that is out as a cheaper alternative.


As a hack, I was thinking of copying the databases and hosting them from FileMaker Pro 7.  Then writing a script that will run a daily copy/paste to update the files.  Is this possible?


Any other ideas or suggestions?