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    Filemaker Server 8 on 64-bit SBS 2008



      Filemaker Server 8 on 64-bit SBS 2008

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      We are using now filemaker server 8 on a SBS2003 and everything works great. We need to change on a 64-bit windows SBS2008 server.

      Is the filemaker server 8 working on a SBS2008 ?  If not can we only change the filemaker server to version 10 and keep filemaker pro 8 on the workstations are must be replace everything?






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          FileMaker Server 8 and the current FileMaker Server 10 are 32-bit applications and run on 32-bit systems.  FileMaker Server was neither tested nor certified under Windows Server 2008 in 64-bit mode; only 32-bit.  Some users seem to be working successfully with FileMaker Server 10 in 64-bit mode.


          If you do change to FileMaker Server 10, you do NOT have to update the clients from FileMaker Pro 8.



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