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    Filemaker Server 8 with ODBC



      Filemaker Server 8 with ODBC

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      We have a FileMaker Server runing with Windows 2003.


      The problem is that in the console of FileMaker don´t appear ODBC/JDBC enable.


      How we can have available for this option.?


      Thank you.


      P.D. We have install the secuence link without problem, but it don´t appear in the admin console in the Server Plus-Ins.

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          Thank you for your post.
          ODBC/JDBC is only available with FileMaker Server 8 Advanced.  If you don't have Advanced, then you will not be able to enable ODBC/JDBC.
          Assuming you do have FileMaker Server 8 Advanced, make sure you followed the installation instructions, and make sure it appears in the Registry as outlined on page 7 of the "Installing FileMaker ODBC and JDBC Client Drivers".  If you misplaced that documentation, you can get it from our web site, directly at:
          FileMaker, Inc. 
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            I have created an odbc connection to a Data Direct Sequalink 5.4 driver being hosted by Filemaker Server 8.
            Using Windows Server 2003 with active directory.

            I can connect to the database using Microsoft ACCESS and Adobe Acrobat using the data source.

            I can't however connect using an asp page with the following code:

            <% @LANGUAGE = VBScript %>
            Option Explicit
            Response.Expires = 0
            Dim objConn, objRS, strQuery
            Dim StrConnection
            Dim seriala
            Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB
            strConnection = "DSN=serialmgmt;DB=serialnum;UID=Bill;PWD=jello"
            objConn.Open strConnection
            seriala = Trim(Request.QueryString("SERIAL"))
            strQuery = "SELECT NIC FROM serialm WHERE SERIAL = " &"'" & seriala & "'"
            set objRS = objConn.Execute(strQuery)
            response.write objRS("NIC")
            Set objRS = Nothing
            Set objConn = Nothing

            I get the following error message:
            Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
            [DataDirect][ODBC SequeLink driver][SequeLink Server]The specified data source is not defined.

            The data source is defined. The test connection works and i can access it from other sources.

            Any help would be appreciated.