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Filemaker Server 9 in Windows Server 2008 SP2

Question asked by ayandyan on Oct 13, 2009
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Filemaker Server 9 in Windows Server 2008 SP2

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Is FMS 9 now compatible with Windows Server 2008?


I've read in an old post (dated 2008) that the system requirements for FMS 9 is Windows Server 2003. We currently have a server running in 2008 where we installed FMS 9 with no issues during the installation. The FMS admin console starts up as well with no problems. However, when I ran the tests for IWP, PHP CWP and XSLT CWP, they all failed. I only get an IIS error on the webpage. I can't tell wether it is a version compaitibility issue or just further necessary configurations in FMS or Windows.


Perhaps if any one has an answer or solution out there, it would really rescue me from going through all the hassles and only finding out in the end that FMS 9 will only work in Windows Server 2003.


Thank you in advance!