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    Filemaker Server 9.0 crashes when performing searches



      Filemaker Server 9.0 crashes when performing searches

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      I have Filemaker 9.0 installed on a Mac Mini. Plenty of disk space. A maximum of three users logged in at any time. The database has around 500,000 records involved. During development I had very little problem with the server crashing, but now it has crashed several times today while performing a simple search for a record by client last name.


      Any idea what might be causing it and how to fix? 

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          Hi mcobbe,

          Thanks for posting.


          Usually, in these type of situations I would first start taking a look at the database itself.  

          Let's verify the following: 

          --What is the behavior if the database is taken offline, opened in FileMaker Pro and a search is performed? 

          --Will other Server-hosted databases crash during searches?

          --Will the database crash if searches are performed on all layouts or any layout in particular?


          I would try taking the database offline and saving a compact copy or clone of the file.  You can even try recovering the file although it is not recommended to continue using a recovered file.  If other databases are ok or a brand new database is ok, then I would believe the issue lies with the database.


          Let me know how it works out.



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