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Filemaker Server Admin Console issues

Question asked by schmity on Nov 11, 2013


Filemaker Server Admin Console issues

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     I'm having some issues with my server admin console.

     Using FM Server Advanced on a 2008 R2 SP1 server.  Java 7.17 is installed from when I installed FM server advanced.

     All my databases are open and functioning normally, backups appear to be running from the time stamps in the backup folder on the server.

     Issue 1. I can open the admin console from my Win 7 laptop with no problems. I can click through the various screens and tabs, but cant actually do anything.  I have tried closing a test database, but nothing happens.  It shows that none of my scheduled backups have run in 2 days (they have).  My database server folders show invalid and it wont let me validate them.

     This happened last week and I had to have everyone log out.  (Admin console still showed people logged in though)  I restarted the file maker server service and everything was fine and functioning.  3 days later it has stopped working correctly again.


     Issue 2. I thought maybe issue 1 was a problem because I was accessing it from another workstation, so I tried to access it from the server, but I cannot launch the admin console from the webpage.  I am given the option to open or save the .jnlp. But when I click open, nothing happens.   

     From reading some other posts where people had similar issues, I associated the .jnlp with the c:\program files\java\bin\javaw.exe (x64 version).

     Any ideas?