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Filemaker Server Admin Console will not start on Windows 2008 - Java/server question

Question asked by DavidKorpiewski on Feb 19, 2012
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Filemaker Server Admin Console will not start on Windows 2008 - Java/server question

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I don't know if anyone ever has had this problem, but I'm at wits end.  I need to know how the Java applet tries to talk to the Filemaker server deamon.  It always says that it is not running.

I installed Filemaker 11 V3 on a Windows 2008 R2 server.   For the life of me, I cannot get into the admin console.  So I installed it, it says it wants to set up the console, but when it tries to load I always get the initial popup as it load the java applet, but then I get "The Database Server is not available.  To edit server deployment, please start the Database Server first".  Ironically, Filemaker Pro talks to the server just fine and I can and have worked on FM pro now for 2 years this way.  However now I need one of my databases to have the web interface enabled and can't do it without the console. 

I need to know how the java applet talks to the Database server.  I think that however it reaches the DB server is the key to success here because I need to figure out if the DB server is listening.  I can't seem to find where that is done in the java files.  I see that this is running a tomcat apache installation, but then how that is interacting with the database backend I don't know.

The only way that I got to the console was to copy the working version of this from a windows 2003 server to this windows 2008 server, shut off the Filemaker Service and then load up the startup.bat file in the Z:\Filemaker\Admin\admin-master-tomcat\bin directory.  Then logging into it it says that the Database server is not running but at least it loads. If I click to have it start the server, it briefly says that the server is running in the console but then every button says that the database server is not running and it won't let me do anything.


What I have done:

(1) disable the firewall completely

(2) add the .exe files for filemaker through the firewall already

(3) upgraded to newer versions of Java, down graded to different versions of java

(4) Uninstalled and reinstalled

(5) Copied a working version of the same server (on windows 2003) to this server and started it.  (It didn't try to go to the startup section, but it wouldn't load anyways. 

(6) Made sure that ports 16000, 16001, and 5003 were open.

(7) Disabled the virus scanner

Interesting facts:

(1) This server HAD TCPV6 installed.  Is it possible that the Filemaker server deamon is listening on IPV6 and not on IPV4????

On that note about IPV6, I have gone through everything I can find to disable it completely, however when I view the TCP stack using "tcpview.exe", I still see filemaker talking on IPV6 and having port 16000, 16001, and 5003 open for it. 


If anyone can offer me any guidance I would appreciate it.  Even the filemaker team dropped the ball on this one when I was troubleshooting it two years ago.  But now I need it fixed.