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Filemaker Server Advanced 11 uninstall messed up SBS 2008 Web Services

Question asked by ErikPeterson7308 on Apr 5, 2011
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Filemaker Server Advanced 11 uninstall messed up SBS 2008 Web Services

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Hello everyone,

I have a situation where I had a worker / Master setup.  We switched worker machines from Server 2003 to our new box server 2008.  The master was our SBS 2008 box.  I could not get the master to find the new worker so I uninstalled FM Server from the SBS 2008 box.  During this process it hung so I canceled the uninstall.  Then Restarted the server.  I then tried to uninstall FM Server which completed successfully.  This is where things got messed up in IIS7 related services on SBS 2008.  Initially I was not aware of anything not functioning properly so I reinstalled FM Server, applied the java update patch, and configured FM server.  Thought all was fine until our emails stopped on our cell phones.

Checked the server and found RPC over HTTP, companyweb (sharepoint), http://connect, Outlook Web Access, Windows Update Services, etc would not work.  There are numerous event ID's for each of these.  I went through the event logs and here are the first few logs that I found when things first "broke".  

Now the log files start to show error 2280 - IIS-W3svc-WP - The Module  DLL C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\isapi.dll failed to load.  The data is  the error.  (This error occurs over and over.)

Then error 2999 Starts with MSExchange Common Error - Watson report  about to be sent to dw20.exe for process id: 9200, with parameters: E12,  c-RTL-AMD64, 08.03.0083.006, M.E.ServiceHost,  M.E.RPCOverHTTPAutoconfig, M.E.S.R.Servicelet.UpdateLonghornIISSettings,  System.NotSupportedException, 33b6, 08.03.0083.000.   ErrorReportingEnabled: False

Then the MSExchange RPC over HTTP Autoconfig error shows up.  2003 -  The RPC over HTTP Proxy component is not installed or is not configured  correctly. Use the Windows Component Wizard to add the RPC over HTTP  Proxy component to the Networking Services.

There are many more but these are the first few errors.  Hopefully this is the most relevant.  If needed I can list all the others. 

I don't know what the filemaker uninstall process does but something got messed up in the IIS part of SBS 2008.

Any help is appreciated!



Ok I now did a complete reinstall of my SBS 2008 box.  Got everything  fully updated and setup.  Everything is fine on the SBS 2008 box.   Install Filemaker server 11 advanced.  Run the setup of FMS11 and it  will not let me connect to IIS.  Returned a -0.  Read the forums and  googled for a while and found either I have to reinstall IIS or  reinstall FMS11Advanced.  So again I uninstall FMS and .... again it  brakes my SBS 2008 box's web services.  All of them .... again.  WOW not  happy.  

I don't understand what the problem is as FMS was running on my  sbs2008 box before and the worker was a server 2003 box.  All I wanted  to do is move the worker to a server 2008 box.  Now I can't even get FMS  to install properly without breaking my SBS2008 box.