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      Filemaker Server Advanced 7

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           I have been using Filemaker 6 for many years. I just purchased a copy of Filemaker Server Advanced 7 so I can covert & publish my databases via the web. The questions I have are...

           1. Do I need a copy of standard Filemaker 7 in order to create and make changes to databases?

           2. If yes, do I just need 1 copy of FM7 and that would be the copy that is hosted by Server Advanced?

           Thanks, Mike

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               Yes to both questions, but you just purchased server advanced 7?!!!

               You are aware that this is a very old version of FileMaker Server? (Current version is version 13).

               And it is my understanding that this was a version with a lot of issues as it was the first to support multiple tables in a single file, so you'll need any available updaters.

               Seems like your money would be much better spent getting a more recent version of FileMaker even though you will need to invest more time and effort into the file conversion process.

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                 I doubt there is any way a person could have "just purchased" FMS 7. Certainly not from FileMaker.