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Filemaker Server Advanced 9

Question asked by dfhage on May 30, 2010
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Filemaker Server Advanced 9 & 11 and OS X Server 10.6.3

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Dear All,


I am moving a Filemaker Server 9 running on an X - Serve running 10.4.11 to a Mac Min Server running 10.6.3. I am aware off the Java issues with Server 9 and OS X 10.6.x so expected the console not to work.

When I install Server 9 on the Mac Mini Server, as expected the Console won't run, but the server works and will happily host a database and stop and start with the command line. I was going to use and old laptop to administer the console to save me paying £1500 for an upgrade I don't need. However when I try to connect to port 16000 with Safari, it refuses to connect, this happens even on Safari on the Mac Min, so I don't think ports are the issue as there is no firewall running on the actual Mac Mini.

I was about to bite the bullet and buy and upgrade to Server Advanced 11, so I installed a trial version, and exactly the same thing happens!

Has anybody seen this before, do I need to "tweak" the webserver on the Mac Mini.

I will call Filemaker support, but it's a holiday weekend here in the UK, so if anybody has any ideas they would be gratefully received.


Many thanks




Dave Hage