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FileMaker Server Advanced v12.0.3 Silently Crashing

Question asked by codeus on Jan 9, 2013
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FileMaker Server Advanced v12.0.3 Silently Crashing

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     We have a web-facing server which is a Intel HP Proliant Xeon 3.1Ghz / 8GB running Windows 2008R2, IIS7 and FileMaker Server Advance v12.0.3.  It is a dedicated FileMaker Server with no other services running apart from Windows defaults.

     Periodically (sometimes more than once per day, sometimes only every few days), a .DMP file is generated in the Logs folder, a few minutes later, a second .DMP file is generated and the FMServer.exe becomes unresponsive.  There are no error messages generated in the Filemaker Logs, just the .DMP files before the crash.

     We cannot close the files via the Console or the Command Line (they just say 'Closing') and are forced to kill fmserver.exe and then restart the "FileMaker Server" service via Net start etc.

     The database which seems to be causing the issue is accessed via FM GO Clients uploading images to container fields and other data and by IWP clients reviewing data etc.

     Typical user loads on the server when the crash occurs can be anywhere from 10 to 40 concurrent connections but actual network, cpu and IO is light.

     Any advice would be much appreciated.