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    Filemaker server and Container data on volume drive?



      Filemaker server and Container data on volume drive?

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      Is it possible to store the Filemaker database on the Filemaker server in the default location on a Mac Server but store the images in a container field on an external hard drive, the external hard drive would be the volume drive.

      Or does one need to save the Filemaker file on the external hard drive as well. Is it possible to split them so the database is stored in the default database location but the images in a container field are stored on an external volume drive?

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          Short answer is yes!. see http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10244/~/storing-container-field-data-externally

          Question is why?.

          Couple of questions actually. You mention Mac Server, are you running OS X Server on the same machine as your Filemaker Server?.

          External Drive ... what exactly do you mean by external?. External to the FMS volume but internal to the machine or external on another machine?.

          In my own case I store all container data using "open storage" in a sub folder off the Database folder. It makes for a smaller overall database file. 

          Just a quick tip that caught me out, make sure your FMSADMIN or FMSERVER or whatever FMServer username you have created has full read and write perhaps even ownership of the directory you store the container files to.   

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            Thanks for your reply. I am running filemaker server on a mac mini, so there isn't that much hard drive space on the mac mini, I have an external drive plugged in that I want to store the images on.

            I have followed the process to the link you sent, I have created the additional paths on filemaker server under database server - folders. I click validate and the paths validate. I than select the new base directory in the container field, when adding an image to the container field, the images still write to the folder under the default folder where the databases on stored not on the external hard drive.How can I get the images to write to the volume drive? here is the path I use which validates, the server and server admin have full read and write so no issues there because it validates: filemac:/ExternalHardrive/FilemakerImages/

            Another interesting note is, if I run the database from filemaker not off the server, the images save correctly to the correct path. Only when run in filemaker server, the images store under the default folder the database is in, not on the external hard drive.

            If you can assist me in keeping the database where it is but having the images save on the external hard drive, it would be greatly appreciated.


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              It seems strange that the server still updates to the original path yet the same file started in FMP writes to the new path.

              The file you open in FMP is a downloaded file that was previously hosted and amended to reflect the path change on the server before you downloaded it?.

              Have you tried to re upload this file back to the server?.

              I don't have any direct experience with using the external storage with volumes other than on the server volume, so I may not be the best person to help.

              Still I can't understand how this works in FMP and not on FMS with the same file.


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                Actually, I am now wondering if the behaviour of FMP and FMS differs. Perhaps in FMP you can specify an external storage path but with FMS the path is relative to the database location. I notice this when I upload a file to server that had external storage. Server insists on placing the container data in the RC_Data_FMS folder ... this folder exists in the same directory as the Database file itself.

                from the last lines of the text I linked you to ... 

                "If I have a local database that already has external files inserted into a container field, do I have to manually move the files over to the Server, or can I use the database upload assistant within Server?
                You do not need to move files over manually, you can simply use the Upload Database assistant. It transfers the external container field objects to the correct folders on your server for hosting automatically."

                I have tried to create an additional database path on my server with a storage container path, however the only time I have access to that specific container path is when the database resides relative to it.

                So I suspect to overcome your storage problem on server you should move both the database file and the container storage to the external drive. In fact I would suggest that that is a more desirable to host your database on a different volume than your boot volume. In my own case I have always kept the database and container data on their own specific (thunderbolt) disk array to allow for redundancy (raid) and growth potential. A single mac Mini 2.5in HDD or dual 2.5 mirrored in the server Mac Mini would not give me sufficient confidence or peace of mind for a mission critical, multi user database with growth and storage space needs. 

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                  Thank you for your assistance, Yes I think you are correct the datatabase file and the container storage must be in the same folder. I was hoping this wasn't the case.