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FileMaker Server database corruption? can't copy out database

Question asked by ChrisSheehy on Dec 17, 2010
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FileMaker Server database corruption? can't copy out database

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We have a FileMaker Server v10.0.2.206 running on a Vista Business Edition PC with a database that 5 clients connect to on a daily basis. Last night the database became inaccessible so the server was rebooted. Once the server came back online the database was available. This morning the database was again inaccessible (showing CLOSED in Admin Console.) Upon trying to Open the database from Admin Console it would go to Verifying then back to Closed state. The database is around 250MB.

We have a backup scheme that uses Volume Shadow Copy in place to copy out the database every night as long as the time stamp is different. Well when we checked the backups, there has not been a backup in 12 days. the only error in the backup log is this morning. The backup reported a CRC error when trying to copy out the file. When I try to manually copy the file out it bombs at around 75%. I can rename the file and all the other files on the server are fine.

How can the database NOT get a different timestamp if it has been worked in daily for the last 12 days? I know the backup is working fine since there are other files in the scheme that have been picked up.

The database file is fragmented into 6 pieces and I attempted a defrag but that failed as well.

Is there hope for repairing this file or getting the data out of it? Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening in the future?

Any help greatly appreciated,