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FileMaker Server deployment error

Question asked by oakhamschool on Sep 28, 2010
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FileMaker Server deployment error

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Hi Guys,

Im reinstalling FileMaker Server Advance on my test machine, we're experimenting with different versions of PHP to see if we can increase the speed of CWP. Im trying to redeploy my server setup, an d I get a deployment error on IIS 7.5. The actual dialog says Deployment/Configuration error -23 Web Server entry already exists in the configuration file.

Well, ho do I bypass this to configure my machine to run php? If I click on OK the only thing enabled is ODBC in the console. Being a FileMaker error (-23) I thought there would be some documentation, but I cant find anything in the KB?

Any help would be dont many people use FM with PHP as the possts on this technology are very few and farbetween.