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    FileMaker Server does not accept RAM Disks as valid path



      FileMaker Server does not accept RAM Disks as valid path

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      Since I often have to import huge files and I wanted to increase the performace  for this, I thought of using a RAM Disk as disk to run the databse (or parts of it) from.


      But FileMaker Server does not accept:


      as a valid path.


      I already checked that the RAM Disk has full access privileges, so that's not the reason.


      I also tried to open the files from the RAM Disk with FM Pro, this works fine, but it's not an option

      since only parts of the Database should be stored on the RAM Disk

      (I'm using the FM Server feature to use an additional folder for the RAM Disk) 


      FM Server Adv 10

      MAC OS 10.5.7

      Mac Pro 8-core


      I'd be happy to receive some input/solution for this.





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          double check the manual where it relates to paths. I'm not sure on a mac but I don't think your path is written right.


          I run FMS10 on a pc and use a ramdisk for every database. Works great.

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            Thank you for your post.


            FileMaker Server is very particular where it can import and export files.  Knowledge Base Article #7035 discusses import and export with FileMaker Server:




            In specific:


            "FileMaker Server can only Import from and Export to the following locations:

               • When using the Import Records script step or Export Records script step in a FileMaker Server schedule script, keep the following in mind:

                  • Any specified file must be in the Documents folder, the temporary folder, or a child folder of either the Documents folder or the temporary folder.  For example, the following are valid paths for 'file.csv':


                     <Temporary Path>/file.csv


                     <Temporary Path>/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/Folder4/file.csv


                  • Any path specified that isn't a complete path to the file (for example, anything other than /Library/Filemaker Server/Data/Documents/<0 or more directories>/<filename> ) is evaluated as being relative to the temporary path.

                  • Any paths that include ".." are considered invalid."



            If you are doing this from the client side, then make sure the RAMDISK is shared and mounted on the client machine.



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