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Filemaker Server Files Disappered

Question asked by thomann061 on Oct 16, 2014
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Filemaker Server Files Disappered

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Around 8am this morning filemaker users could not log in.  I checked the server console and all the files were gone.  I checked the physical directory, and they are all still there.  I checked the logs and I read that starting at 8am, the server started deleting backups from 9/17-10/15.  It seems really random that it would do that.  I checked the backup schedules and two of them had "unexpected errors" and were not running.  Besides that incident, I can't figure out why the files are not being recognized by filemaker server.  At this point I do not care about the backups and would like to get back up and running.  

More info - the default folder is "databases" (this holds around 56 databases) and i have a secondary folder - "Mobile" (holds 1 database) The "Mobile" folder works and shows 1 database!

I am running filemaker server 11. Most clients run filemaker pro 13, some are still on pro 12.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks, Jake