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FileMaker Server Folders won't validate

Question asked by DarrenWoodford on Oct 1, 2010
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FileMaker Server Folders won't validate

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I am trying to  change the Default Folder settings in FileMaker Server 9 Admin Console  and it says in the Status field: "Not a valid path". Even though I know  the path is correct. I am getting the same problem with the Use  additional database folder and the Backup Folder setting. If I press the  Validate button nothing seems to happen and the Status stays the same.  When I try to save the settings I get the message "There is an error  with the configuration values entered. Please see the highlighted fields  for details." It doesn't seem to matter what I enter the path is never  accepted as valid. I want to have
Use additional database folder: filewin:/e:/FM_database
Backup Folder: filewin:/e:/FMBackups

I  have checked the system user (which is the one the FileMaker Server  service logs on as) has full control permissions to these folders. The  strange this is that the additional folder was already specified before  but it won't let me save it now.

Background: This came about  because I was trying to upload a new database into FileMaker Server 9 on  SBS2003 and I got the message "One or more of your destination folders  does not have enough space or the specified upload or it does not  exist." However the folder does exist and there is more than enough  space on the drive.
Can you help please?