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FileMaker Server Instant Web Publishing and WebDirect

Question asked by joelande on Jan 29, 2014
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FileMaker Server Instant Web Publishing and WebDirect

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     Two questions:

First Question:

     Are there performance differences between Instant Web Publishing and WebDirect?

     (I know there are FEATURE differences).

     In other words, if I had a database that had been running under Instant Web Publishing, is there an advantage or a disadvantage to running it using WebDirect, particularly in performance?


Second Question:

     If you have FileMaker Server running with both Instant Web Publishing and WebDirect enabled, how do you know which technology is being used to publish and access the database?

     I do know that in order to use WebDirect, you have to specifically enable the WebDirect feature in the Sharing... menu.

     Is that was causes the "switch to be flipped"?

     For example, if I had Database A and Database B, both previously using Instant Web Publishing on FileMaker Server, and I go into Database A and share it with WebDirect, does that mean that now Database A uses WebDirect (and WebDirect only) and Database B uses Instant Web Publishing?