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    FileMaker Server keeps asking for password change?



      FileMaker Server keeps asking for password change?

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      I am having trouble accessing a FileMaker database that is apart of our company's in Brussels. I am in San Diego. I get past the server aspect of the access. I place my login name and my password in after I double click the database I want and it asks me to change my old password into a new one. However, everytime I change my password to a new one, it asks me to do it again and again and again. I can't get past this.


      Does anyone know how to correct this situation so that I can access the datbase?!?!?


      It would be of great help. Thanks.

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          Does this database consist of multiple files?


          Since each file has its own set of account names and privileges, changing the password for one file could trigger a "cascade" of password change dialogs as each related file attempts to open. You normally don't get these, because when a relationship or script triggers the opening of a related file, it attempts to open the related file with the same account name and password as was used to open the current file. It will only ask for a password when the account name and password that opened the current file is not found in the new file.


          That sounds like what you've encountered.